EMvision Talks


The EMvision Talks are modeled on the well-known TED™ Talk format and are a new way to communicate thought leadership in emergency management.

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Wayne Bergeron

LTC (Ret.) Ass’t Prof., University of North Alabama, Dept. of Politics, Justice, and Law “Cultural Collaboration in Emergency Management”

 George (“Sandy”) Sanzero

Manager, Sandia National Laboratories, Analysis and Health Security Department “No More Waiting on Tables: A Fresh Take on Conducting and Evaluating Hypothetical Biothreat Response Exercises”

 Diane Logsdon

President, The Logsdon Group “A Preparedness Odyssey”

Michael Noone

Regional Disaster Coordination, County of Los Angeles, Health Agency/EMS “Volunteer Disaster Teams – How to Use the Gift You Didn’t Ask For”

Christopher Tarantino

MEP, CMCP, CEO, Epicenter Media & Training “Contagious Ideas & the Diffusion of Innovation”