poster showcase


Over 34 Practitioners, Academics and Students participated in the Poster Showcase this year in both competitive and non-competitive divisions.

The participants in the competitive division showcased their posters during an evaluation session before a group of judges on Monday evening during the Annual Conference.

The participants were evaluated on content and display of their poster, as well as their oral presentation of research and findings.

The following participants in the
competitive division received recognition:

Name Recognition Title
Ray Chang, Ph.D., AEM, Ass’t. Prof., Dept. of Political Science, Oklahoma State University Gold Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of Using the ICS
Lauren Stiger, Planner, City & County of San Francisco Dept. of Emer. Mgt Silver Leveraging Renewable Energy for Improved Continuity of Operations
Jim Acosta,
CEM, Host of The Agitated Atom Podcast
Bronze Modern Emergency Management Must Embrace Nuclear Civil Defense 
Abdulmajeed (Majeed) AlShowair,
Consultant & Trainer, Family Med., Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Philadelphia Univ.
Bronze Disaster Preparedness in Arabian Gulf Countries
Gerard Arrotti,
Sr. Director of Safety, Health and Systems, ESPN, Inc.
Bronze Closed POD Development in Partnership with Local Health Department
Aaron Kenneston,
Ph.D., CEM, Washoe Cty. Emer. Mgt. and Homeland Security
Bronze Applying High Reliability Organization Theory to Emergency Management
David Leiva,
Economic Development and Site Selection Consultant, SE Region, Webster Global Site Selectors
Bronze What Went Wrong in Greensburg, Kansas? An Economic Development Perspective
Rawan Tawalbeh,
Ph.D. Student, Oklahoma State University
Bronze Mental Health Consequences of Disasters: A Literature Review
Norm Wrona,
Senior Associate, Hassett Willis & Company (HWC)
Bronze Preparedness Stand-Downs: Cost-Effective Means of Maintaining Community Preparedness Levels