Work Off Your Registration Fee

Do you want to work off all or part of your conference registration fee?  If you answered yes, then working as Conference Staff at the IAEM 66th Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan is for you. This is a great opportunity to get involved, support the overall mission of the conference, all while networking with other emergency management professionals.

Conference staff will receive a $25 registration fee discount for each hour worked. You will not be compensated for any hours worked which exceed the value of the registration fee, nor will you be compensated if you are unable to work the hours assigned to you.

If you are interested in being conference staff to work off your registration, please email for availability. When you register for the conference as an attendee, you should indicate that you will “pay by check.” However, no payment is due prior to the conference. After the conference, IAEM will send an invoice to anyone who still owes (for conference registration) after the discount is applied.

For more information about all the requirements, benefits and the Conference Staff positions click here.