Escape Room Optional Outing

Locked 460 Escape Rooms

Discounted Rates for IAEM Attendees at $21/person on Friday – Sunday, October 19 – 21, 2018.
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Choose Your Escape

Each room has a different game and story. Rooms hold between 2 – 8 players depending on the room. You will have 60 minutes to attempt to escape the room.

The Rooms:

Apartment 460

It’s 1983. You’ve seen and heard strange things coming from the apartment across the hall. You recruit some friends, wait until your neighbor leaves, and decide to investigate. But when you break-in, you tripped a silent alarm. He knows you’re there and is coming back to protect his creepy secrets. Gather the evidence you need and get out before he returns.

Suggested Capacity, 6 people; Difficulty, 8/10


A journalist friend has uncovered nefarious and illegal activities at a nearby prison. The warden is behind it all and has jailed your friend to keep them from writing the story that will end a vast, criminal empire. He’s left for lunch to plan your friend’s fate. You have just enough time to lead a breakout and escape.

Suggested Capacity, 8 people; Difficulty, 8/10


It’s 1883 and you’ve arrived at the Locked & Loaded Saloon. Things were great until your sidekicks got out of hand. Apparently, they don’t like poker cheats in these parts. The barkeep locked them up and hid their gun. He’s gone to get the county marshal. You have 60 minutes to bust the bandits out, find their gun and get out of Dodge before the marshal returns.

Suggested Capacity, 8 people; Difficulty, 7/10

How to book:

“Note that participation in the IAEM Conference and all associated activities including an escape room is at the attendees’ own risk.”