Poster Showcase

Tuesday, November 19th

9:30am – 10:15am

River Concourse outside the registration area.

Poster Presentation Session

Come view your peers research, practice or general findings and expand your knowledge of the emergency management field.

Name Category Title
Kristy Copic, Graduate Student, Georgetown University Graduate
Social and Economic Programs Increase Individual Resiliency Following a Disaster
Roni Fraser, Graduate Student, The University of Delaware Graduate
Demons of Disaster- Predictors Post-Traumatic Stress Following Hurricane Ike
Shayna Goldfine, MPH, NRP, Graduate Student, Tulane University Graduate
Income, Employment and Individual Preparedness among Adults in the U.S.
Eric Marble, Graduate Student, Jacksonville State University Graduate
Public Health Emergency Management Decision Support Using Geographical Information
Michael Apollo, Undergraduate Student, University of Albany Undergraduate
Utilization of Open-Source Intelligence by Emergency Managers During Severe Weather Events
Nate Baird, MSc, Emergency Preparedness Planner, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Practitioner Decentralizing Mass Casualty Incident Planning at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Geoffrey Bartlett, AEM, Independent Consultant Practitioner Using Maps to Enhance Understanding of Hazards in a Campus Community
Joel Curtis, MS, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, NWS, Juneau Weather Forecast Ofc. Practitioner After the Waves: What’s in YOUR Tsunami Emergency Operations Plan?
Susan Fisher, Emer. Preparedness Coordinator, Lecturer, CA State Univ., Fullerton Practitioner Confronting Building Evacuation Challenges for Wheelchair Users
Rebecca Glenn, MPH, Emergency Management Specialist, NYU Langone Health Practitioner Comparison of New York City Family Disaster Preparedness Levels Before and After the 2018 Hawaii Erroneous Ballistic Missile Notification
Jessica Gottesman, MPP, PMP, Data Analytics Prog. Analyst, Office of Disability Integration, FEMA Practitioner Survivors with Disabilities: Elucidating Variations in FEMA Recovery Program Utilization
LT. Amber Larson, Incident Management & Crisis Response Division, U.S. Coast Guard Practitioner The Community Inventory Worksheet: Empowering Hazard Mitigation Planners
 Julie Malingowski, Meteorologist (Emergency Response Specialist), Regional
Operations Center, NWS
Practitioner Lightning Safety Policy Needs for Outdoor Events
Wesley McDermott, MSPH, CEM, Ofc. of Public Health Preparedness and Response, Div. of Emer. Ops., CDC Practitioner Operational Readiness Initiative for Public Health Liaison Officers and Agency Representatives
Barbara Payne, MPA, IA Info Man/Planning Manager, FEMA Practitioner Measuring Destruction and Recuperation at Oregon’s Critical Energey Infrastructure Hub
Una Smith, Ph.D., MS, Field Coordinator, Incident Commander, New Mexico Search and Rescue Practitioner Evolution of a State Agency Volunteer Search and Rescue Program
Robert Womack, CEM, Emergency Services Coordinator, Town of Truckee Practitioner Developing an Emergency Messaging Campaign and Notification System for Practitioners
Lucia Velotti, Ph.D., Ass’t. Prof., Dept. of Security, Fire and Emer. Mgt., John Jay College of Criminal Justice Academic Volunteer Management Systems during response and recovery: challenges and opportunities
Tomicka Williams, MPA, Ph.D., Professor, Purdue University Global Academic Crisis Communication Systems among K-12 School Principals



Name Title
Benjamin Berger, MA, Regional and Stakeholder Lead, Individual and Community Preparedness Div., FEMA Community Based Organizations: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Preparedness
Andrew Burrows, MA, Emer. Mgt. Specialist, Individual and Community Preparedness, FEMA Empowering the Uninjured: You Are the Help Until Help Arrives
Scott Carpenter, Regional Response & Preparedness Specialist /(IMET), NOAA/NWS Improving IDSS across Western Region by Supporting Exercises and Large Events from the Regional Operations Center
Mariel Fonteyn, Preparedness Specialist, Americares Americares Preparedness Bootcamps for Safety Net Health Centers
Kelsey Irvine, Extension Agent I/4-H Youth Development, Nassau County Extension. Whole Community Preparedness and Resilience Starts with Youth
Matthew Lyttle, MSc, Deputy Director, Individual and Community Preparedness Division, FEMA Community Emergency Response Teams: Asset for Building Resilient Communities
Sarah McNelis, MSSA, Individual and Community Preparedness Division, FEMA Lifesaving Skills: Simple, Low-cost Activities for Individual and Community Preparedness
Dawn Skaggs, MA, Nat’l. Dir. of Whole Community Planning and Training, BCFS Health and Human Srvs. Building Shelter Capacity through Whole Community Partnerships
Rachel Slotter, MS, Doctoral, Univ. of Delaware, Disaster Research Center Coordination of Faith-Based Organizations Following Hurricane Florence
Darrell Small, CEM, City of Laurel, MD. Office of Emer. Mgt. A Roadmap in Forming an Integrated Emergency Support Service Network
Sebra Yen, Emergency Management Specialist, Individual and Community Preparedness Division, FEMA Preparing for the True Cost of Disasters